Look! Handmade Bowling Ball Wall

Look! Handmade Bowling Ball Wall

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 11, 2009

The words, "bowling, ball, and wall", aren't ones you hear used in conjunction very often, but nestled in an a well established neighborhood in downtown Kansas City, those words come to life. We love the small injection of personality in a space that is usually bland and forgotten. The opposite side of the wall is made from something different, click through to see what!


Some of the bowling balls in the wall have started to crack over time, but that just increases the charm that it possesses.

After some quick math (High School paid off) we calculated that there's roughly 80 balls making up this side of the wall.

The other side of the wall is made from something different entirely, glass insulators.

Glass insulators are an easy find here in the midwest and it's a creative use for them, although we have to admit, we like the bowling balls better!

Does your neighborhood have a unique home in it? Take a picture on your next walk, tag it with "apartmenttherapychicago" in Flickr and let us see!

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