Look! Happiness for $1.49

Look! Happiness for $1.49

Janel Laban
Mar 24, 2008

Those of us doing the Cure are bringing home flowers each week as a gift to ourselves and our homes - but for $1.49, no apartment within the range...

...of a Trader Joe's should go bare. We tossed these in our (granny cart) shopping basket the other day by pure "need Spring!" instinct, but didn't see the price anywhere.

We got home, stuck them in some water, and after unpacking the groceries, took a look at the receipt to see what the damage was...and we were thrilled to see that this bunch of daffodils was a mere $1.49!

They were mostly unopened at the time, but as you can see, have bloomed nicely and are going strong, providing a little dose of happiness to our living room at a bargain price.

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