Look!: Hearst Building in San Francisco

Look!: Hearst Building in San Francisco

Heather Blaha
Feb 22, 2007

Seems the AT team was rotating locations a bit last week...Maxwell was here in Chicago and we went off to San Francisco for a few days. While AT: SF has the design and apartment side of things down, we thought we'd show you a glimpse of some well-known detail and texture of "The City" - views that may just stand out more to a visitor than they might to a Bay area resident.

The Hearst Building facade was one such stand out:

"After the great earthquake and fire of 1906 destroyed much of San Francisco, the Examiner and its rivals — the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Call — brought out a joint edition. The Examiner offices were destroyed on April 18, 1906, but when the city was rebuilt a new structure, the Hearst Building, arose in its place at Third and Market Streets. It opened in 1909, and in 1937 the facade, entranceway and lobby underwent an extensive remodeling designed by architect Julia Morgan." (via Wikipedia)

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