(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
[ Photo from Sierra Trading Post and Nautica ]

It's been so rainy and chilly outside that all we want to do is eat cookies, watch movies, and take naps. This weather kind of reminds us of the winter we spent in the New England area, and that reminds us of cozy herringbone coats. Which is how we ended up looking for herringbone throw blankets on a rainy Sunday evening.

We've always loved with this classic pattern, and having it an unexpected spot on the couch (instead of hanging on the coat rack) gives it an unexpected twist. We found some pretty great deals on some throws: the Sierra Trading Post has the Moon Wool Herringbone Throw Blanket available in four different colors (navy, grey, brown, and red) on clearance for $39.99(!), a markdown of $100. And eBay has this dreamy Nautica one in camel with white stripes for the same price of $39.99.