Look!: HGTV's Property Virgins Filming in DC

Look!: HGTV's Property Virgins Filming in DC

Colleen Quinn
Jul 1, 2008

We were surprised and delighted last Sunday when we popped into our favorite watering hole in Cleveland Park (Ireland's Four Fields) to discover an HGTV production crew filming scenes for an upcoming episode of Property Virgins...

The young woman featured on this episode is purchasing her first home in Columbia Heights; she closes on the property in August and the show should air in September- we'll keep you posted on details. Sorry about the picture quality- we weren't expecting to encounter a film crew, so we just caught a couple of shots before getting roped into reading a newspaper in the background of the shot (fame and fortune are sure to follow).

Host Sandra Rinomato was very friendly, and took time to chat with some fans of the show in between takes. All in all, it was an exciting afternoon, though we were astonished by how many hours it took to shoot scenes that will probably amount to only a few minutes of airtime in the final cut. The whole experience has made us curious - given how these shows by their nature require travel to many locales, have other ATers stumbled upon a TV crew shooting a home or garden show in your neighborhood or town?

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