Look!: Huge Ceiling Fans in Costa Rica

Look!: Huge Ceiling Fans in Costa Rica

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 26, 2007

These work incredibly well. Just back from a week in Costa Rica, we took this short video of the remarkable ceiling fans they use in their airport. Turning slowly, with exceptionally long blades (@ 15'-20') they manage to cool the entire room...

Which gave us a great design idea: why not design home ceiling fans with longer blades that turned slower and yet moved just as much air? Instead of the standard 2' wingspan, how about an elegant 5' blade? We often find fast turning ceiling fans make us slightly edgy, and the new design would be calmer and create a unique signature piece that would stand out from everyone else's fans. Additionally, we believe that by moving more slowly, it would save a bunch of energy.

Although we didn't see a name on these fans in Liberia Airport, a few years ago we saw that they were called Big Ass Fans, so we're going to look into them and report back.

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