Look! Ikea Fabric Covered Boxes

Look! Ikea Fabric Covered Boxes

Laure Joliet
Jan 27, 2009

Strolling through Ikea last week on our quest to help the bf get his office in order (we got the pax system, more on that later) we spied these fabric covered boxes in 3 great colors that had us dreaming up all sorts of uses for.

They're part of the Strikt Series (fabric covered boxes that fit into the cubbies in the Expedit Shelves) but these smaller, hinged boxes aren't showing up on the Ikea website.

They're perfect for storing photos or mementos and we even liked the idea of using them as reusable gift boxes. The insides are lined with black fabric and the 3 hues: orange, green and blue are eye catching and look much more expensive than they are. The addition of the hinged lid also make them feel luxurious. We liked the 8x10 inch boxes most, but as you can see, you can also buy a nesting set of boxes that are smaller and a great way to store jewelry within a drawer.

Has anyone bought these? Have they held up?

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