Look!: IKEA Table Runner Adds Sharpness

Look!: IKEA Table Runner Adds Sharpness

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 18, 2008

Friday, Sara Kate went to Ikea to pick up another Anes dresser (which has become a fave), and stumbled across these simple table runners, LENDA ($6 ea), that reminded her of our time in France, two years ago...

When we were in Paris, we noticed that the Brasseries didn't use table cloths as much as simple runners, which were easy to replace often and had a style that, while still luxe, were simpler and more efficient.

I used them to set up a dinner table for guests on Saturday night and thought that they were gorgeous and more fitting in the heat than a tablecloth. Better yet, they're cheap, machine washable and come in four GOOD colors (for Ikea). Here's a complete list of Ikea's table runners.

Aside from recommending them, I thought I'd also give you the lowdown on the rest of the stuff in the picture:

  • Table - made of old barn wood, from Barntiques
  • Plates - Crate & Barrel Aspen collection
  • Flatware - Jasper Morrison's Knifeforkspoon by Alessi
  • Thonet Chairs - from Craigslist Scavenger a few years ago
  • Napkins - from Sur La Table

    And give you some strong links to other table runners we've covered:

  • Table Runner by Modern-twist
  • Table Setting Ideas from Etsy
  • Marimekko Fabric as a Table Runner

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