Look! Industrial Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Look! Industrial Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Jeanine Brennan
Aug 25, 2009

We just moved and love everything about our new kitchen. The previous owner was a chef and we're not kidding, if you ever renovate a kitchen, see if you can invite a chef over to help you plan the layout &mdash you won't regret it. One of our favorite details in the kitchen is the industrial cabinet hardware...

These oversized industrial handles are unexpected in a kitchen and we love how they make the cabinets mean business. They'd be right at home in a kitchen that's more farmhouse than sleek or modern. We've been looking online see where to get them and found a few places sell similar handles (one is a marine supply store since the previous owner was a chef on boats). The ones we found are called "bow handles" or "transom handles".

>>> Moore Industrial Hardware has some

>>> Also iboats.com

(Images: Jeanine Brennan)

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