Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring

Look! Installing Our Cork Flooring

Heather Blaha
Mar 25, 2008

Desperate to get our kitchen up and running so we can stop devouring take-out, we're inching closer and closer each day. The latest production: installing our cork floors over roughed-up wood floors that we decided not to sand and refinish...

Purchased at Lumber Liquidators, we're loving the surface, although it was tougher to put together than expected (no such thing as "simply snap in place"). Once installed, we felt like the entire kitchen was transformed...we were now walking where no one else had walked before. The slight softness of the cork is perfect, and the varying colors, shapes and shades will be a nice balance to the stark white and black that will soon be going on in the rest of the room.

Next up: a look at our refinished hardwood floors!

Re-visit Janel's fab red and black flooring installation from last year here.

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