Look!: Jeremy's Bicycle Rack

Look!: Jeremy's Bicycle Rack

Jun 20, 2008

You might remember Jeremy from his handmade platform bed. Today he sent us photos of his handmade bicycle rack. He writes, I had 4 bikes and needed an indoor storage solution and was unimpressed by the commercial indoor bike racks and astonished at their price. So I designed my own...

...Although the pictures only show 2 bikes, I've had 4 up there for about a year with no issues. Also, it takes up much less space due to the way I have the bikes hanging. I have hooks on it to hold items such as helmets, etc.

There are only two small holes (see the photo of the L bracket) going directly into the stud------good for getting your apartment's security deposit back.

Lastly, it cost about $40 to build.

Thanks, Jeremy!

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