The Karim Rashid Loft

The Karim Rashid Loft

Gregory Han
Nov 26, 2008

Whether you think he's an icon of modern design or a preposterous one-trick PR pony (we think the truth is somewhere in between, like all commercialized personalities), Karim Rashid's latest project is always worth a peek. This time it's his own digs...a spacious loft done up in a colorful-bubbly pastiche of his own designs (of course!) that will either give you a toothache or bring a smile to your face with its enthusiastic use of soft pinks, yellows, greens, and oranges...

We think Karim Rashid's loft will still be an interesting interior decades from now. But whether seen as revolutionary or an example of poor taste, we won't gamble in guessing. We're torn between thinking it's a reckless-courageous example of design done to 110% effect, while also feeling the whole place looks like spit out pieces of HubbaBubba bubblegum sitting in a pool of Pepto-Bismol...a hallucinatory hangover of late 90's 3D influenced shapes realized into a real life living space. We guess the whole point is to make you look, and Rashid is almost always successful at that, whether it's his own home or any of the wide range of products he's designed.

Via Deco-Design Biz

(Images: Karim Rashid)

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