Look!: Kazuya Morita's Pods

Look!: Kazuya Morita's Pods

Regina Yunghans
Feb 7, 2007

Architectural Record's Awards for Emerging Architecture are out and this "highly commended" work caught our eye. The pod-for-all-occasions, designed by Kazuya Morita, is a thin-shell concrete perforated pod.

The thinness is acheived by using glass fibre reinforced concrete, which is hand troweled onto a mould, dried, and removed. The result is an eggshell-like structure that is strong and beautiful.

We're all for bldgblog's idea for the pods:
These structures should be built by the thousands on every rooftop in Manhattan, and lit from within by candles every last Saturday night of the month.

(via bldgblog.)

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