Look! Kid-Painted Walls

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When we spotted these painted walls over at Baby Toolkit, our first thought was "Wow, cool parents!" They let their (now grown) 7 year old and 5 year old loose with paintbrushes and, more amazingly, have kept it this way for decades!

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In a world controlled by adults and the decisions they made for us and our environment, we're not sure we can think of anything that would have thrilled us more as a kid than an opportunity like this. Young artist grown up Adrienne of Baby Toolkit writes:

Over the years my excitement about the room has waxed and waned. At the height of my embarrassment (late high school and early college), I begged them to let me paint the walls again...All requests were denied...
The room now charms me yet again. Maybe now because I can clearly see in my childish work exactly how adoring and supportive my parents have always been.

See more photos, meet their new baby and see lots more great stuff at Baby Toolkit.

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