Look!: Living Stones

Look!: Living Stones

Beth Zeigler
Oct 1, 2008

100108stone-01.jpgGrowing up on the east coast, our landscape was filled with azaleas, palmetto trees and yellow jasmine. While we still love our east coast terrain we find something extra special in the succulent topography that is Southern California. We're always on the lookout for cool and interesting new succulents to fill our outside steps. So when we found these living stones at Trader Joe's last week, we had to take a closer look. More after the jump.

While browsing through the fresh flowers outside our local Trader Joe's, we spotted these interesting looking stones. We really weren't even sure they were stones, and since they were in a clay plant pot our interest was piqued. After a closer inspection we realized these stones are actually succulent plants. You may also recognize this plant by its scientific name, Lithos, but they are sometimes referred to as Stoneface, Pebble Plants, Flowering Stones, Mimicry Plant (with the most popular being Living Stones).
Because they are so easy to grow (requiring very little water and exposure to abundant light), we think they'd be great house plants for us--back story is we don't have a green thumb.

Do you have any experience with Living Stones?

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