Look! Cardboard Mac

Our son isn't even a year old, but he's already obsessed with our laptop. He finds the glowing screen and clacky keyboard irresistible and will crawl and cruise his way over to us at the first sound of the hard drive spinning up. So we were tickled when we saw the cardboard "Mac" Julie made for her son.

We're fairly sure a cardboard computer won't cut it for our baby at the moment, but we are definitely filing this idea away for the future. What a sweet image of mom and son side by side getting some "work" done or surfing the web. We like how simple it is to make, small it is to store and easy it would be to throw in the car for entertainment on a trip.

And for the really ambitious and crafty souls out there, maybe this Mac pillow (used in a Pepsi advertisement from what we can tell) will inspire you:

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