Look! McCobb Planner Chairs (Painted White)

Look! McCobb Planner Chairs (Painted White)

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 27, 2009

I often talk about new stuff, so today I wanted to go for vintage. The picture above is from a Gideon. It's from his home that he submitted three year's ago for Small Cool 2006. The chairs are really beautiful classics — McCobb Planner Chairs...

Paul McCobb (1917-69) was an American interior decorator and designer who helped shape American sensibilities after WWII.

His contemporaries were George Nelson and Harvey Probber, and his furniture and style were explicitly modern, affordable and practical. Considered "modular" furniture, his designs were aimed at middle class America and he became known as "America's Decorator" in the 50's (more on Paul McCobb).

But the cool thing about these chairs is that Gideon did something that few would have dared; he painted them white. Or not exactly white. He had them professionally painted Greenmount Silk after finding them in a beat up state. As he says, "If Elsie de Wolf can paint vintage pieces, then so can I."

I am all in favor of painting classics and urge you to give vintage pieces a new life with a good paint job. It not only can refresh them physically, it can update them stylistically. Gideon's chairs are far hipper in white.

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