Look! Mirror Underneath A Console

Look! Mirror Underneath A Console

May 13, 2008

We say it a lot here on AT, mirrors help visually enlarge a space. We spotted this image and had to do a double take when we realized that there wasn't a hole underneath the console, but rather, there was a mirror!

The image is from a house tour of Mindy Schwarz in the June 2008 Country Living Magazine. She painted the floors in her entry a bold checkerboard pattern, and the mirror repeats the pattern making the whole room feel larger. It's interesting that there is also a second mirror above the console as well. We're not sure if the console came with the mirror already attached, or if it was something she put in afterwards. What do you think of having a mirror underneath a table? Has anyone done this?

[ image by Laura Moss for June 2008 Country Living Magazine ]

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