(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

A put together living space is a thing of beauty. To really appeal to the senses, designers often talk about creating a bit of tension in the room to keep things interesting. One way to create tension is to mix new and old items, and this kid's room we saw at Design Sponge does it beautifully.

The first thing that jumped out at us was the red wall of vintage lockers - what a find. We imagine it's filled with clothing, with the out of season items in the upper lockers, all tucked away nicely behind closed metal doors. We also adore the cubby unit "garage" as well as the side table with fire station and engine. Both provide a place for display and easy access to toys. These older items along with some vintage toys (is that a sit and spin in the corner?) look great with the newer elements in the room - the FLOR carpet tiles, clean basic lines of the IKEA Latt table and chairs and wallpaper giraffe decal. You can see more of the rest of the house at Design Sponge.