Look! MOGUL's Haute Hollywood 2008 Collection

Look! MOGUL's Haute Hollywood 2008 Collection

Grace Shu
Nov 9, 2007

Hollywood chic. Last night, luxe LA interior retailer MOGUL invited us for a decadent night of Grey Goose and the debut of their Haute Hollywood Home Collection.

Now, we've never really heard much about MOGUL, but here's what we can say: If you are a huge fan of David LaChappelle, David Bowie (during his androgyny phase), Brocade Home, and your PDA is studded with Swarovski crystals, then this could be your furniture mecca. MOGUL's catering to the glitzed out rock-n-roll types with their new line; but for those of us who are hesitant to walk that sexy line, they've also got pared down accessories and lighting that woud work well in pretty much any home.

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