Look!: More Tree Stump Seating

Look!: More Tree Stump Seating

Heather Blaha
Feb 8, 2007

Tree stumps, tree stumps; they're all over in interiors (and we firmly believe there's no need to spend a ton of money on designer stumps). My BF and his former work partner, Jacob, transformed the mailroom in UIC's architecture building two years ago. Jacob writes:

Done as part of an elective at the UIC School of Architecture, this intervention sought to enliven the existing student mailbox area. The existing wall was furred out with access doors for the electrical panels and server, and then covered in strips of self-adhesive wool felt... ("Before" image )

A floating counter was installed by the message board for an email station, and the stump was provided for seating. We tried to incorporate a variety of textures into the space: the smoothness of the acrylic counter, the soft wool felt and the roughness of the bark.

(Thanks, Jacob and Josh!)

Image credit: Hedrich Blessing

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