Look!: More on Grow Stools

Look!: More on Grow Stools

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 10, 2006

Last month, I posted here on Grow Stools, which are stools that are grown from the earth and shaped into three-legged stools.

At the time, I couldn't find a source for those who wanted to find out more about Dr. Christopher Cattle's stools. Which left me kind of irritated, because I really want to look into getting one (if only I could find some outdoor space where I could grow one).

But, via Crib Candy, I've found a website with more information on the stools.

Apparently kits are or will be available soon. And regarding "lead time", it takes about 5 years to grow one. The natural wood stool that is shown "harvested" above looks really cool. As does the formwork for shaping the stools, shown left.


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