Kylie's kitchen cabinets after she took off the doors. The "before" is below...

We love it. Inspired by our recent email, How To: Open Your Kitchen Shelving and Not Screw it Up, a few readers got to work and sent up pictures of their own open situations. If you have one, please send it in and we'll post it as well (to maxwell @ apartmenttherapy . com)....

Kylie's kitchen cabinets before!


Hi there,

Feeling inspired by your post titled 'How To: Open Your Kitchen Shelving and Not Screw it Up Email from 5.14.08' I removed my kitchen doors today. Before and after shots are attached. My before shot is from before we purchased the house. After shot is nearly our 1 year anniversary.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Kylie B.
Sydney, Australia

Anna's mixed shelving: here's the open side


Hi Maxwell,

I have a combination of open (for dishes) and closed (for food) shelving in my kitchen, and I think it looks pretty swell. You probably saw it in my AT home tour earlier this year, but here are links to the photos:

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Looking forward to the feature -- I'm a big fan of open shelving (for attractive things, at least)!

Take care, Anna

And here's the closed side.

Jay's totally cool, colorful, open kitchen


An open kitchen in our West Village duplex... stainless steel shelving on mini subway tiles. (photo attached)

We love it!

Jay G.