Look! Moshe Safdie's le Habitat

Look! Moshe Safdie's le Habitat

Regina Yunghans
Nov 29, 2007

Not just an apartment building, but a habitat. Le Habitat was designed by architect Moshe Safdie for Montreal's 1967 World Expo...

The apartment units sprawl in an organic fashion, giving each unit a unique identity. It looks like it could have been inspired by Italian hill towns, or southwestern U.S. Pueblo architecture. The design gives the impression that the construction evolved over time.

In actuality, the modules were prefabricated. Because of the stepped arrangement of the units, each of the 158 apartments has its own roof garden. The resulting form is not perfect, but it is humane, breaking up its scale from that of a large building into that of a small town. We think calling Le Habitat home would be quite extraordinary. What do you think?

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