Look!: MythBusters Show Us a CPU versus a GPU

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At Nvidia's NVISION show this week, the MythBusters wanted to represent the difference between single and multicore processors, referring to CPUs and GPUs, respectively. They used a single-barrel paintball gun to paint a pretty simple smiley face, then unveiled a 1100-barrel paintball gun and painted a mini-Mona Lisa. Be amazed... video after the jump.

Of course, the subject of CPU vs. GPU is much more complex than the MythBusters are making it seem here, but as with many of the experiments on their TV show, the awesome theatricality of this demonstration makes that excusable. Plus, it's awesome. We want one in our house for instant wallpaper. Now if only we could got that monster in the door...

[ Via CrunchGear ]

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