Look! Nintendo Cakes!

Look! Nintendo Cakes!

Range Govindan
Jan 26, 2009

There is nothing sweeter than eating cupcakes or a cake made out of love. For the geeks in all of us, there is nothing quite like having a special geeky cake made for that special occasion. Some of them are geeky others are just plain cool. I don't know about you guys, but this Nintendo 8-bit looks pretty appetizing. I just wonder how long these cool looking cakes take to bake?

From PacMan to Nintendo, geeky cakes are here to stay. There is nothing that says love to a geek as much as having a special cake baked. I just love the amount of details that went into making the Nintendo cake. The only thing I wonder if a shop was used or someone baked it with love? One way or the other, it's the thought that counts. We think that these types of cakes work best for birthdays and social events.

Larissa Meek
compiled a list of 26 geeky looking cakes that are worth a look. My favorite is the Nintendo 8-bit, but the DeLorean does look swell. What's your favorite geeky-looking cake? [Larissa Meek via Design You Trust]

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