Look! (Not-so-green) Candela Alternative at Walgreens

Look! (Not-so-green) Candela Alternative at Walgreens

Jonathan B.
Aug 8, 2008

We were super excited when we saw these $1.99 "candles" at Walgreens. Our first thought: finally there's an affordable alternative to the rechargeable Oxo Candela lights we've been ogling for months...

Here's a similar product available online from Walgreens. But before you click "add to cart," consider this: these cheapies use those little button batteries, the type that power a watch. And the display that we thought at first glance said "rechargeable" actually reads "replaceable." As in: when the battery gives out, chuck the whole thing away and buy a new one. (Those button batteries often cost more than $2 anyway, so it would be the economic, if not ecological, thing to do.)

Aargh. Guess we'll hold out for the $70 Candela DemiGlow set of four. Or perhaps we'll just stick to real candles for now.

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