Look! Orla Kiely for Target Trays

Look! Orla Kiely for Target Trays

Laure Joliet
Feb 17, 2009

I spent a good part of monday afternoon hunting for the Orla Kiely for Target stuff. I've been a fan for a while but couldn't swallow the price tag on most of her designer stuff. I hit up one Target and found only melamine salad plates and, determined, hopped over to another Target where I was able to secure the last two letter trays ($12.99 each). Now that I've got them home I can't decide what to use them for:

I had originally thought that I'd use them to organize socks and underwear in the closet. Now that they're home, though they seem too pretty to hide away. I'm thinking of using them as inboxes or sorters for all the magazines, clippings and to-do items that normally get stacked on the dining room table until it's time to eat. I also think they could make nice baskets for underneath my night stands, to catch all the stuff I read before bed and not have it piled on the surface of the stands.

Did you get any Orla stuff? Was it slim pickings? Jonathan reported that Irvine had a whole bunch of ceramic mugs and caraffes. Pasadena and Eagle rock seemed to have the melamine stuff, some storage boxes and a couple of dish towels.

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