Look!: Our Front Door Makeover

Look!: Our Front Door Makeover

Our apartment came with a functional but fusty handmade curtain over the glass-paned front door. For two and half years we ignored it. But stymied by the (long overdue) prospect of washing the thing and inspired by the window-film designs from this (and this and this) post a while back, a front-door makeover project was born.

First, the before: likely a previous tenant's clever solution, the rod itself was a scrap piece of bamboo, the bottom of the curtain edged in cheap brown velvet attached by loops of turquoise ribbon. A valiant try, but poorly constructed and now old, stained and falling apart.

After researching the options for pattern and design, we stumbled on Brume's made-to-order window film offering customization with your own letters and numbers. We live on the top floor of a cottage in Seattle, and though we have our own entrance with a separate house number, we don't have that number posted anywhere. Insert a-ha moment here.

Instead of buying the custom film from Brume, we went to Lowes and spent $30 on Gila window film and supplies (film spray, squeegee, blades), and printed a stencil in Word. Before cutting into the final sheet of film, we practiced cutting the numbers 3 or 4 times.

The uncovered space along the bottom is for our cat, who used to duck under the curtain and climb on the sill to watch passing wildlife and greet us as we approached the door coming home. The film still comes a little lower than her eye height when she's up on her back legs, and it gives us a little pang to watch her hunch down to see out now.

But not having that dingy curtain there is so worth it.

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