Look! Peter's Amazing Owl Security Cam Project

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Awhile back ago we received an all-in-one home security system from the folks at Swann Security to review. It's a features rich system, complete with DVR recording and nighttime vision. But being renters in a small apartment, it wasn't the right product for the right situation. Fortunately, our friend and Unplggd editor Peter had just moved into a new home that could take advantage of the 4 camera system, so we gave him the box and told him to go to town. Of course someone as ingenious as Peter wouldn't be satisfied installing home security cameras like just anyone else. No, he had something much more impressive in mind...

There's a famous line from our favourite TV dramas of all time, Twin Peaks: "The owls are not what they seem". This would certainly apply to Peter's crafty (if not sneaky) decision to hide his security camera inside a fake owl normally used to scare of unwanted avian residents. Do yourself a favour and check out Peter's owl security camera project in detail.