LOOK! Rain Barrels on Parade

Passing through Geneva, Illinois this weekend, we spotted these beautifully painted rain barrels on display throughout the city’s main commercial district on Third Street. The barrels are scattered about the area similarly to Chicago’s infamous Cows on Parade, and more recent Cool Globes exhibit. Curious about the purpose of the displays, we found a flier posted nearby with more info…

"The Natural Resources Committee of Geneva Presents: Rain Barrels on Parade. Rain Barrels on Parade is a water conservation campaign that highlights a rain barrel’s role in capturing and recycling water! A live auction will be held September 14, 2:00 pm at the Paper Merchant to auction off rain barrels for additional environmental venues."

We think it would be even better if the rain barrels were connected to gutters to demonstrate their function, but this is still a great way to bring attention to rain barrels and we absolutely love the idea of painting them. Why hide them when they can become a piece of garden art?