Look!: A Rainbow Bottle Wall

Look!: A Rainbow Bottle Wall

May 13, 2008

Seen at a local pub, this high-intensity decor decision is an inventive and low-budget solution for what to do with an underutilized cooler case and all those empties. We may not be able to replicate it exactly at home but we think the idea is way cool.

Jump down to see how you could play with this concept in small-scale...

This wall is the reason we first visited Nick's Uptown. Even though the refrigerator is all the way in the back of the bar, one can see its rainbow glow from the street. This eye-catching lure owes everything to the simple tactic of back-lighting.

You could easily put this idea to use with your home bar. A couple of illuminated shelves, empty bottles, and food coloring is all you'd need. Or you could make your own stained glass effect by shelving out the frame of a non-opening window and relying on the daylight. What about filling antique pill bottles with a monochromatic tint for a more subtle display?

What else could work?

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