Look! Recessed Floor Lighting

Look! Recessed Floor Lighting

Grace Shu
Jan 13, 2009

Usually when someone says, "I'm installing recessed lights in my house," they're usually referring to the ceiling. However, there's a growing trend of installing small lights in the floor. If you're intrigued by the look, but not 100% sure that you're ready to bore holes through your floor (or can't due to a lease), there are a few alternatives to achieving a similar lighting effect...

Can lights from CB2 can be tucked behind plants or in corners to light up a specific area in the room. If $20 is too steep for your budget, Lamps Plus also has similar cans for a few bucks less.

Candles on the floor can be a fire hazard and come off a bit cliché, especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner. But we like the look of these oversized silver hurricane lanterns, big enough to case huge pillar candles. A similar candleholder: Pottery Barn's Capri Lantern.

Ikea's Grönö lamps are simple and discreet, ideal for placing on the floor without cluttering up a room or hallway.

[ Photos from Living Etc, CB2, and Dalboz17's Flickr ]

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