Look! Repurposed Light Fixture Becomes a Bird Bath

Look! Repurposed Light Fixture Becomes a Bird Bath

Amber Byfield
Aug 18, 2008

81808_birdbath2.jpgWhen it comes to turning thrift store finds into D-I-Y works of art, I must say that my mother takes the cake. Look what she did with two vintage dish-style light fixtures, some tile grout, and a few of her favorite chipped china patterns that she's phased out of the kitchen rotation. Jump below for more pictures.

These bird baths dot her garden, and are complimented by wrought iron stands found at various thrift and antique shops. The entire project was extremely cost-effective and makes a beautiful display nestled in with the foliage. The patterns in the dishes are perfect for the garden, too.

And, best of all, she utilized things that probably would otherwise have wound up in the landfill.

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