Look: Room Colors for Brunettes!

Look: Room Colors for Brunettes!

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 22, 2008

We've seen room colors chosen based on lots of different criteria: personal preference, fabric and art inspiration, even relation to the natural landscape. But deciding a room color based on the owner's hair color is a new idea to us! Read more about this color deciding factor after the jump...

We were tickled pink when we ran across an article suggesting the best room colors for brunettes on House Beautiful's website. The writers claim brunettes are versatile enough to go with any color, but look best surrounded by purples, deep reds, oranges and pinks.

Have you ever thought about designing a room based on what colors you would look best surrounded by? Let us know! And if you're a brunette, tell us if you've ever designed a room with these colors unintentionally!

[Photo credit: Frances Janisch]

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