Look! Room for Color 2010 is on Right Now

Every year we do things a bit differently, but our goal is always to do things BETTER with an eye towards pulling out great reader submissions and hosting the broadest possible sharing of real life inspiration. This month it's all about color for the 6th year in a row and we've got some AMAZING and DIFFERENT rooms to share. Check out some of my faves below from NorCal to Toronto to London. It's color around the world.

Title: Jacquie's "New Orleans" Kitchen
Name: Jacquie
Location: Santa Rosa, California

Here are six that really stood out to me. Note how far and wide these are from and how beautiful the use of color is. The styles are all different and there's mastery here with dark colors and bright colors.

Don't hesitate to add these and others to your favorites. This year's voting is all APPROVAL voting, so you can vote once for everyone. In the finals, everyone gets another round of voting. Enjoy!

Title: Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
Name: Joshua
Location: Brooklyn, New York


Title: Joi's "Color Me Happy" Room
Name: Joi
Location: Highland, Illinois


Title: Kelly's "Moody Luxe" Bedroom
Name: Kelly
Location: Jacksonville, Florida


Title: Christopher's "Chocolate, Cream & Orange" Room
Name: Christopher
Location: Toronto, Canada


Title: Wan-Ching's "Happy Morning" Kitchen
Name: Wan-Ching
Location: London, UK