Look! Sandra's Stoop Update

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Last week Sandra sent us pics showing off what all the recent rain and sun had done to her charming stoop. If ever there was a case for the satisfaction of seeing how plants can grow, this is it! (Thanks, Sandra!)

After a month of rain and sun everything is blowing out and filling in; the dahlias are about to bloom again and the Morning Glory have just started to make their way around the railing. The geraniums--notoriously averse to heavy rain—have taken a bit of a beating, but their stems are full of buds and promises of new growth.

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Additionally, despite a slow start, I finally got around to (finishing) the 6' x 12' gated area next to the stoop. It was pretty paltry-looking when I initially submitted my GT photos (as you'll see!) so I didn't even bother including it. But it's coming along; I found a bench a few weeks ago, and my neighbor found a chair the other day...it’s not the most ideal spot for sitting, but the color and accessories certainly spruce up the nearby garbage cans ; )

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morning glory progress

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gated area next to stoop, one month ago...

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same area, this morning!


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