Look! Silver Lake Schindler Apartment Mantlepiece Light Feature

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AT reader and nearby Silver Lake resident Eric sent us this unique light feature in his Rudolph Schindler-designed apartment that might inspire some of you with fireplaces you never use to convert them into a mood lighting feature. We're imagining using LED light bars and an opaque plexiglass/glass sheet, renters with sealed up fireplaces could regain the semblance of a fireplace while incorporating a light that can be dimmed for just the right mood in similar fashion. Details about Eric's unique interior feature below...

I just moved into a Rudolph Schindler designed apartment in Silver Lake. Originally, the living room had a furnace built into one wall, with a mantelpiece above it. Twenty years ago the landlord installed central heating and removed the furnace. The landlord then installed four light sockets in the hollow and covered it with a removable plexiglas wall. The light sockets are hooked up to a dimmer. I have no idea what to do with this thing, and am looking for some ideas. There's about four inches of space behind the plexiglas, and the hollow is roughly 30" wide and 36" tall. -Eric