Business Card Organization

Business Card Organization

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 23, 2008

The latest issue of Real Simple magazine featured home décor and organization tips from real readers, and we loved the tips that stressed keeping the items you need organized and accessible. In other words, you can put everything in order, but do so in a way that you can still see what you need! It reminded us of a simple yet effective organizing technique we saw in Fanny's Fabrics...

Our own personal business card collection consists of a pile unceremoniously dumped in a drawer somewhere. We hardly ever get to it, and when we do, we rarely find what we are looking for. A Rolodex alphabetizes the collection, but even that system keeps most of your cards out of sight. We loved the simple solution we found at Fanny's Fabrics: dedicating an entire bulletin board to your business card resources (in this case, it's prettied up with an ornate frame). Sure you might have an important business card or two pinned to a board already, but imagine having all your contacts and resources in one place and visible everyday! Not only would you be able to find the resources you were searching for quickly, you might even come up with new solutions simply because you have it all in front of you! We even suggest taking the organization a step further by arranging your cards within the frame into categories. And with all the creative and interesting business cards people hand out these days, a business card board might even make interesting wall art!

Tell us how you wrangle all of your business cards. Are you a rolodex user? Or do you prefer to see all of your business cards at once? Share your organizing ideas!

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