Look! Space Saving Watering Can

We blame our love of watering cans on our Grandmother, who used one nearly every day. We've since learned that although they are quite handy, they can be a small pain to store. Their long spouts always make them a bit tricky, but while out and about this weekend, we came across one with a great space saving trick up it's sleeve (if it had sleeves). So like any good connoisseur we looked it up on Amazon...

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The spout on the watering can is able to turn back onto the can itself, allowing it to tuck into almost any small space. After looking it up on Amazon, we discovered the can is sold in two different sizes (3.17quart and 1.06quart) and a whole rainbow of colors! They retail between $10 and $15 depending on size, perfect for most pocketbooks and small spaces alike!

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(Images: Sarahrae & Amazon.com)

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