Look! DIY Speakers Hidden in Real Books!

Look! DIY Speakers Hidden in Real Books!

Taryn Williford
Mar 26, 2009

There's something a little puzzling about this messy and less-than-chic bookshelf—and it's not "Why in the world does this person own and display a lava lamp?" No, the head-scratcher is "Where the heck are the speakers that we've been told are staring right in front of us. Well, they're hidden in that matching set of six vintage books that sit on either end. The best part is that you can take this DIY to your own stylish bookshelf...

The speakers-hidden-in-books trick comes from a DIY Instructable from Technochicken. All you gotta do is get your hands on a few cool books—we suggest hunting down a few worn-in ones of different sizes at Goodwill or another thrift store for a more realistic look.

You'll want to get your hands on a drill and probably a small jigsaw, because most of the work for this project comes from carving the cavities that will hold the speakers into hardback books. Once you remove the neccessary pages from the inside, all you have to do is carefully hot glue a speaker inside and poke some uniform holes in the spine of the books so the sound can actually get out.

This might not be a great solution for audiophiles, but for those just looking for a little music to clean to and a few less wires on their shelves, this is a great way to camouflage those speakers. Check out the whole Instructable here.

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