(Image credit: Kristin Hohenadel)
Sometimes we think that the average spice jar is really too small for our needs. You can't even fit a teaspoon into some of those narrow jars, and it also seems like we're always refilling ours. Well, take a look at this recycled solution for spice storage.

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All those jars started life as Bonne Maman jam jars, and we like how they've found new life as spice containers! The 13-ounce jars are big enough for plenty of spices, which is nice for those of us who use tablespoons at a time in curries and other spicy dishes. It's also great to see recycling in use, of course.

And you can't go wrong with Bonne Maman jam; we really like their Four Fruits Preserves.

(Two more things in this little vignette: Can you spot the P.G. Tips tea (our favorite) and the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker?)

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(Image: Kristin Hohenadel)