Look! SporkySpice's Quick and Fun Ornament Swag

Look! SporkySpice's Quick and Fun Ornament Swag

Dec 14, 2007

AT:LA reader SporkySpice shared with us a quick and fun (and easy) DIY project for the holidays! She simply strung up some ornament balls on a ribbon and hung them to make a festive corner. Read more on what she did after the jump...

A few tips she gave:

"... it might be easier to use ornaments that all weigh approximately the same as each other. The mirror balls I used were much heavier than the standard thin glass ones and they threw off the balance a little (plus they made the whole swag rather heavy.) Other than that, it was as simpleas stringing them onto a piece of line. I used gift ribbon since that's what I had around, but I'm sure string or fishing line would work well too. I used a standard screw-in cup hook to hold it from the ceiling (I didn't even bother to find a joist, so that's a little sketchy- but it hasn't crashed down yet!) Oh, and I did knot each ornament on to the string individually because it helped them hang straighter as opposed to simply stringing them all on... But really, it was suuuuper easy!"

We think it looks great! Thanks for sharing! Have you done a fun DIY project this year for the holidays? Share with us! Shoot us an email or tag your flickr images with "apartmenttherapyla"

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