Look! Studded Cabinetry

Look! Studded Cabinetry

Abby Stone
Sep 29, 2008

One of the articles that intrigued us in this weekend's LA Times Home and Garden section featured three different lofts in the Broadway Hollywood building. Although they had similar floor plans, each loft has a distinct style. While we found them all noteworthy, there were a few ideas in the one belonging to Ivana Milivecic that we'd consider bringing into our own home...

One detail that particularly had us swooning goes in the "why didn't I think of that?" category. Otherwise plain cabinet door are trimmed with the nailheads usually reserved for upholstering furniture. While plain silver is the choice here, depending on your decor, dimpled or brass or antiqued studs might be more to your liking. Here, the studs (a/k/a upholstery tacks) dress up kitchen cabinets. They could just as easily be used on bathroom cabinets or freestanding furniture. White paint and lucite handles finish off this glamourous look.

[Image: Anne Cusack for LA Times]

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