Look!: Tea Towel Art by Muhtari

Look!: Tea Towel Art by Muhtari

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 14, 2006

Over at ATSF, Lisa posted on the top 10 tea/dish towels, which prompted Muhtari (whose blog is in Turkish and English) to send in this great pic highlighting the most affordable approach to art we have yet to see (not counting your own art). As she says:

I just bought an apt and after the closing I hardly had money in savings. But my father used to say "a woman without a scarf, a man without a tie, and a wall without an art" is not totally complete. So with my limited budget, I was looking for inspiration. Soon enough a trip to anthroologie...

to see my fav sofa by Marimekko fabric (even thought in my wildest dreams it is in my new living room) I saw a dishtowel by marimekko and immediately thought how great it would be, and sure enough since 2 months it is on the wall, and nobody belives the story when I tell them, they touch it, they feel it and still do not believe it cause it soooooo beautiful!

Thanks, Muhtari!


Pattern: Kaiku
Product Name: tea towel
Designer: Maija Louekari
Code: 53804
Colour: 197
Size: 47 X 70 cm
Material: 55 % linen, 45 % cotton

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