Look! Teddy Bear Passport

Look! Teddy Bear Passport

Alejandra Valera
Mar 24, 2009

Part of our family's preparation for Spring Break travels included getting our son's first passport. He quickly became enthralled with the entire process. "What's it for?" "When do we get stamps?" "Does everyone have one?" All of his questions lead to a great opportunity for discussion about geography and travel as well as leading us to a fun little project...

There was no way we would go anywhere without our son's trusty sidekick, Carmelita, so he felt surely she would need a passport as well.

To create the funny little bear passport, we took some blue construction paper, white sheets of paper, a photo of Carmelita and a yellow colored pencil. After our son drew the eagle on the cover, we had him insert Carmelita's photo with double-sided tape and decorate the inside with various stamps of her travels and stapled the booklet together.

Let's hope Carmelita doesn't lose her "passport" because who knows how we'll get her back home.

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