Look! The 9 Square Foot House

Look! The 9 Square Foot House

Gregory Han
Mar 4, 2009
Tinyhousefriend posted this 3D animation of his model for a miniscule home that mostly resembles a entry guard building: A concept for a tiny house I hope to build this year (2009). This model doesn't show all the details but the plans include everything needed for a house, kitchen, toilet, bed, shower, storage, etc... all contained in a nine square foot house.

[via BoingBoing]

Looking at this concept, we prefer the best of our own small homes we've already rounded up, starting from 160 sq. ft. up to a palatial 400 sq. ft. Or how about the Japanese Next Generation House, which is real example of small space living and not just a conceptual model?

Not convinced? Here are Maxwell's top ten reasons to live small:

  1. Everything is at your fingertips.
  2. They're cozier.
  3. They clean up faster.
  4. They allow you to live with less of everything - simplicity & economy.
  5. A small space allows you to experiment more with different design ideas.
  6. They get you outside more.
  7. They put you more in touch with your neighbors/community.
  8. They are cheaper. They put more money back into your life.
  9. Small spaces require more imagination (large spaces are for those with no imagination).
  10. Small spaces create momentum. They force one to make decisions, at home as well as in life
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