Look!: The Auction Find That Got Away

Look!: The Auction Find That Got Away

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 23, 2008

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to auctions. They mainly focus around the antique dealers that will bid up any item, without caring about it in the slightest. Knowing full well they are going to turn it around and try to sell it at 4x the money in their jam-packed-can't-hardly-walk-through-their-booth at the local antique mall. Click through the jump to hear the sad story behind this great retro thermometer.

It was a rainy auction day. Usually this means that there will be less people to hassle with and more items being hauled home in the back of my car. This particular day seemed to be an exception to the weather rule, as the auction was PACKED with people. There were people wearing trash bags as hats, carrying ginormous golf umbrellas, and ladies with dogs and babies.... it was one of those "worst scenario possible" type situations.

My husband and I patiently waited our turn as we unassumingly scouted the items we wanted. It's kind of like being Batman. You have to be sneaky and stealth-y (official superhero term) so no one knows that you are going to bid against them. This of course gives you the upper hand assuming you have a killer poker auction face to go with it.
There happened to be one gentleman who hardly looked at the items he was purchasing and was touching all the items next up for bid while he was bidding with a nod on the previous item. He had no mercy as we tried every trick in the book...hands on hips, straight face, quick bidding, nodding... everything that usually says intimidation to another bidder. Nothing worked, and this thermometer was relinquished to this man who had a trailer with boards on all four sides to hold in the "junk" he drug home.

After the auction, we watched him collect the hundreds of items he had purchased, along with this thermometer, and throw it in the back of the truck. We wish we meant gently place, but we don't. He threw it into the pile of other assorted junk, and put a heavy dining chair on top and we watched the face break under the pressure. *sigh*

It was a sad day at the auction indeed. Have you ever had the one auction find that got away? How did you cope. Ice Cream just doesn't seem to be cutting it this time.

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