Look! The Incredible Camera Lens Calendar

Look! The Incredible Camera Lens Calendar

Range Govindan
Jan 27, 2009

After the Zoom Lens Coffee Mug, now comes the Camera Lens Calendar. This is going to be the perfect gift for anyone who loves photography. I can already see them popping up everywhere. We love this low-tech solution to the calendar quandary, since it's nice to have one on your desk, why not have a really distinctive one. And there's nothing more distinctive than a calendar looking like a camera lens!

The Camera Lens Calendar is the brainchild of photographer Sharad Haksar. This is no concept really, since it will be in stores pretty soon. Each ring on the lens controls an aspect of the calendar. The funny thing is that it only lasts until 2032, we guess that's when the world will end. Joking aside, this is something pretty cool to have around on your desk.

From what we've seen, it's not clear if it changes dates automatically or if you have to do it yourself. Either way, it will be cool. If it's powered, then there will be a neat clockwork like mechanism hidden inside. If there it manual-powered, then it won't be expensive. Both ways, you'll most probably enjoy having it as a gift. Coupled with the Zoom Lens Coffee Mug, you'll be ready to start the day! [via Yanko Design]

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