Look!: The Decorator Showcase

Look!: The Decorator Showcase

May 8, 2007

After orangered expressed interest in the Decorator Showcase Powder Room, we decided to devote an entire post to Josephine Fisher's design. Coincidentally, it was one of our favorite Showcase rooms – partly because you don't have to live in a mansion to bring her ideas into your own home, partly because it just felt good to stand inside.

Despite the fact that Fisher had the smallest space to work with, she wasn't afraid to go bold and glamorous. By keeping the palette mostly black and white – with a few splashes of color – she even made the oversized paisley wallpaper work. "My inspiration came from the existing subway tiles, in classic black and white, wonderful patterns and a touch of fashion," she said.

The Powder Room consists of three tiny areas: the sink, vanity and commode. The sink and vanity table each feature a black-and-white houndstooth skirt – perfect for hiding sundries and cleaning supplies. "I selected a bold paisley patterned wallpaper by Carlton V to represent the female," explained Fisher, "and then selected a classic black-and-white houndstooth to represent the male."

Walking into the commode, we found a couple of unexpected surprises that added color to the space, as well as distracted us from looking at the toilet. A turquoise Foo dog and a vase full of yellow tulips grace the windowsill. We also loved the black-tassel trim on the curtains. (Even Fisher's red business cards seem like a design element here.)

Yellow flowers popped up elsewhere, too. On the day we visited, roses were placed on the vanity table and the glass shelf above the sink. The monogrammed hand towels were another good way to infuse a bit more color into the room.

A band of kelly green adorns both the vanity stool cushion and table skirt. Oh, and did we mention that the stool is upholstered in black patent leather and studded with nailheads? Hot.

"I wanted people to know that even the smallest powder room can entertain your guests ... whether it is with wallpaper, a mint julep filled with bursting yellow roses or a pressed linen tip towel," she said, "it lets them know that you have anticipated their arrival and every guest is sure to appreciate that. I hope every guest leaves with a smile."

By focusing on even the smallest details, Fisher packed a lot of style into the Powder Room without making it feel cluttered. Now through May 28, you can see it for yourself at the Decorator Showcase.

Images: Bernie Grijalva

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